The best abrasives for metal and


Abrasive materials and tools are essential for various industries, providing the means to shape, finish, and refine surfaces with precision and efficiency.
They play a crucial role in manufacturing processes, such as metal fabrication, woodworking, and automotive repair, enabling the removal of unwanted material, smoothing rough surfaces, and achieving desired levels of precision and smoothness.

High-quality abrasive materials and tools

By using high-quality abrasive materials and tools, professionals can optimize their workflow, enhance productivity, and ensure the delivery of high-quality end products, making them indispensable for achieving consistent results in numerous applications.


Grinding of metal, wood and concrete surfaces

Removal of paint, rust and dirt. Flap discs effectively remove old paint, rust and dirt from metal and wood surfaces, which is important before further processing or painting.

Surface preparation before painting. Flap discs are useful for cleaning the surface before painting, allowing the paint to adhere better and preventing chipping.

Polishing and surface finishing. Flap discs with appropriate grit are used in the process of polishing and finishing metal and wood surfaces to obtain a glossy and smooth surface.

Sanding curved surfaces

Profi diamond blade for cutting stoneware

Special reinforced body of the blade ensures stability during cutting – the blade does not bend or wave, even when cutting at an angle of 45 degrees.

disc diameter 125 mm
embankment height 10 mm
segment thickness 1.2 mm
inner hole 22.23 mm
max rotational speed 12200 rpm

Rotating Abrasive Disc for Sanding Wood Angle

Designed for quick removal and shaping, especially in convex and concave areas.
Ensure quick material removal, save time and energy, suitable for bending jobs.
The tungsten carbide coating consists of hundreds of very sharp teeth that quickly remove wood chips and last longer than hundreds of sandpaper pads.
Suitable for use on non-metal materials such as wood and other materials.

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